About Us


Shawnigan Alliance Church began as the hope of a group of women in a small Bible study back in 1979. Because God placed in these women, a desire for a church community, contact was made to the Alliance Church in Victoria to see about starting this sister church, here in Shawnigan.

On the first Sunday in July 1980 the group, and one young pastor (Marv Croswell, his wife Lynette and their four children) began meeting as a church in the community hall in Mill Bay.

By 1991 the new building was finished on the site at Wilmot avenue, where it stands today. Many people sacrificed to bring that hope to life including people in Victoria who sold an old parish in order to provide the funds for the land.

That hope still rings out through the doors and windows every Sunday morning. The sound of our worship team has made neighbours stop, and listen...


Like music, the heart of the congregation that still longs to reach those loved ones we haven't met yet, is the sound and action that resonates - a reach that will not stop reaching!

We believe this church, God's own house, was built and stands today to encourage all to Grow closer to the heart of God and Go to the Centre of the community.

Statement of Faith

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