Icon group bwWe are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada started by A.B. Simpson in 1887.

"Simpson was a man who found himself the pastor of a prominent and respected congregation in a major American city. A holy discontent grew within his spirit as he assessed his congregation in light of the city and its need. The conviction deepened within him that new things had to be tried. All parts of the world must know; resources had to be found to send missionaries and to maintain them. Christ, and His cause, had totally captured him. He belonged to the Christ of the church, not just the church of Christ."[1]

He began his own mission to change the way church was done, not realizing that he was forming what would become a denomination focused on that very mission.

"The reality is that Simpson's wingspread extends far beyond the C&MA and the institutions and organizations it has spawned".

Here too, at Shawnigan Alliance, you will hear the message and heart cry that we, as a body (one family) need to meet the needs outside of our walls. In whatever way God calls, He also equips and we trust His guidance and His plan to reach the world because of Jesus. That's what "Growing and Going" is all about!

[1] Excerpt (paraphrased) from The Birth Of A Vision, pages X and XI.

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