Kids' Clubs

Girls' Club -

all done for the season. We hope see you back in September.

For girls in grades 3-5, every Friday, runs from 7:00 PM.


Girls Club

Boys' Club

For boys in grades 3-5, every Wednesday, runs from 7:00 PM - ALL DONE FOR THE SEASON. We hope to see (actually SEE) everyone back next season.

Have a great summer... wash your hands... be nice to your sister... wash your hands... do what mom and dad need you to do...wash your hands - and above all - be good men! Grow in God's grace through the tough stuff. God Bless you boys!

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Plan to Protect

Shawnigan Alliance Church is committed to the safety and protection of children. Therefore:“Plan to Protect is a manual of procedures and policies adopted for the purpose of protecting children and leaders at Shawnigan Alliance Church. Its use is mandated by our National and District offices, in keeping with our District insurance and legal counsel.”For information about Plan to Protect please contact:

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