We have plenty of great events for our youth. REGISTRATION for the whole season is recommended. Youth who are not registered must use the consent form beside the off site events listed below.

Here is January:

  • January 17 - Jr and Sr Youth Event - Receipt Dash and a stop for food. Meet at the portable at 7 - pick up is at 9:45. If you are not registered, please use this CONSENT
  • January 24 - Sr Youth - ONE at Qwanoes. Meet at the portable at 6:00 - Back by 10:15 $4 NOT REGISTERED? here is the CONSENT for this event
  • January 24 - Jr Youth - Dark Games - 7 - 9 at the portable
  • January 31 - Sr Youth Coffee and Games at the portable 7 - 9
  • January 31 - Jr Youth - Flying Squirrel! Meet at the portable at 6:30 pm and back by 10 pm - Cost is $15 -  You MUST have a FLYING SQUIRREL WAIVER - LINKED HERE filled in. AND if you are not registered in our youth program you ALSO need to PUSH THIS CONSENT.  YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE EVENT IF THESE FORMS ARE NOT IN PLACE
Plan to Protect

Shawnigan Alliance Church is committed to the safety and protection of children. Therefore:“Plan to Protect is a manual of procedures and policies adopted for the purpose of protecting children and leaders at Shawnigan Alliance Church. Its use is mandated by our National and District offices, in keeping with our District insurance and legal counsel.”For information about Plan to Protect please contact:

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